Outreach Ministry

Here at NCC we say that we are “devoted to Christ and dedicated to His commission.” Reaching our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ and seeing disciples made and matured is our mission; given to us by God in His word. While we recognize that outreach events and emphases can look quite similar at various churches; at NCC we don’t really consider outreach and evangelism as much a ministry as it is part of the fabric of who we are.

We like to talk about oikos around here. Oikos? What’s oikos, you ask? Oikos, simply put, is your community. Not the larger community in which you live, but your community; the 8 to 15 people with whom you do life on a regular basis. You see, at NCC, we encourage you to personally and intentionally seek for opportunities to reach into your oikos (that pool of 8 to 15 people) and build gospel relationships with them. We view our role, as a church, as an oikos facilitator of sorts. It’s not our job to reach your oikos for you. Rather, we want to help you reach your oikos by teaching you how to share the gospelĀ and providing some opportunities throughout the year which you can use as platforms for reaching your oikos.

Evangelism isn’t an event or something we pay our pastor to do. It’s so much more, and so much more important. Our desire is to saturate our larger community with the gospel of Jesus Christ through the personal, relational, and intentional reaching of our individual oikos.