Senior Pastor

Dr. David W. Smith (Pastor Dave) was born outside of Los Angeles, CA. At age 5 his family moved to Las Vegas, NV where Pastor D11174644_10206580515372010_1864094595819200374_oave would spend his childhood and early teen years. When he was 16 he and his parents moved again; this time to Phoenix, AZ.

Pastor Dave attended a Christian high school in Tempe, AZ where he met his wife, Heather, the summer before his senior year, but did not become a believer until he was 18 years old, as a senior in high school. His relationship with Heather made a huge impact on him spiritually. Half way through his senior year, Pastor Dave realized that he had never personally come to the cross of Christ for redemption, but had merely learned to play a religious game. At the moment of his conversion, he knew he wanted to serve Jesus with not only his personal life, but professionally. After graduation from high school, Pastor Dave enrolled in International Baptist College and Seminary to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible and Missions. Originally intending to go to the mission field, God moved on his heart; giving him a passion for the local church and burdening him to become a pastor.

After finishing his B.A., and 5 long years of dating, Pastor Dave and Heather married. It was then that he became the Intern-Associate Pastor at his church and went on to pursue further study. Pastor Dave completed a Master of Arts degree in Biblical Studies at IBCS in 1995. He spent a year working, teaching classes at his alma mater, and pastoring at his church. God began to give Pastor Dave a desire for further preparation, so he and Heather left home and family and relocated to South Lyon, MI in 1996. Pastor Dave enrolled at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary to pursue a Master of Divinity degree. During his time in Seminary, he served as the Pastor of Youth and Family Ministry at a church in Livonia, MI. God blessed and there was much fruit in those days.

After finishing seminary in 2001, the Lord opened an opportunity for Pastor Dave and Heather to return to the south west side of Phoenix, AZ to become the senior pastor of a church in need of revitalization. Once again, God blessed and the ministry grew. Many lives were touched and souls saved while Pastor Dave and Heather were in Arizona.

After 13 years of marriage, the Lord laid on Pastor Dave and Heather’s hearts a desire for another ministry, adoption. They’d always wanted children, but were incapable of conceiving. God, in His grace, allowed them the privilege of adopting. Before long, their first son, Sullivan, became part of their forever family. Soon, God added their daughter, Abigail, and shortly after that, their second son, León. God was not only blessing their ministry, but their family as well.

During this same time, Pastor Dave’s passion to help local churches become healthy and vibrant led him to begin pursuing a Doctor of Ministry Degree in Christian Administration and Leadership from Trinity Theological Seminary. He finished these studies in 2011 and has completed almost all of the coursework for a Ph.D. in theology. He’s also currently completing his certification as a church consultant with the Society for Church Consulting.

After 11 years of pastoral service to his church, and with much prayer and agonizing, Pastor Dave and Heather began to sense the Lord was leading them into another phase of ministry. He resigned his position and transitioned to serve at Desert Springs Community Church in Goodyear, AZ. Through his providence and gracious leading, God has brought Pastor Dave, Heather, Sullivan, Abigail, and León to Northland Community Church. His desire is to see NCC effectively reach our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ as we each learn to individually reach those with whom God has given us a relationship. Around here, Pastor Dave calls it reaching your Oikos. Come join us. He’d be thrilled to meet you.